And So It Goes…#711

In 1588 ,with the threat of Spanish Imperial seaborne invasion imminent , a great many of  Elizabeth I’s  British subjects agitated ,supported and actually prayed and sang ( at illegal underground Mass ) in hopes of a forthcoming deliverance from the yoke of the Protestant harlot. We all too readily forget ,ignore and above all fail to study our island history. We have ,in general become historically and therefore inter alia culturally illiterate. It is a truism to assert that those born into Britain ( its complex historically determined society and polity, ) are nowadays unable to appreciate let alone make any sense of being here. The old adage , that it is wise when in Rome to do as the Romans do , has alas gone for the proverbial ” Burton ” ,which given the paucity of recall of once popular socio-cultural references ,means bugger all I suppose. We are a nation ,society and polity mired in hypocrisy ;Conservatives who since the turn of the Second World War are intrinsically no longer propagating the conservation of anything and Socialists who equally have long ago abjured any serious intent to socialise anything and the bloody liberals who actually were never libertarian but have willingly played second fiddle to whoever of the other two  doesn’t  do any of the aforementioned. When the current hoo-ha over Daesh/ISIL/ISIS is long dead ,buried and mostly forgotten ;we shall still have the same hollowed out ,vacuous,platitude ridden decaying edifice of a building long since emptied of reason and meaning as we have now. Perhaps back in 1588 ,it would have proven in the long term ,advantageous for us had the weather not been so damn inclement as it turned out and had the Spanish actually put an Admiral in charge of their fleet,which,of course they never did.


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