And So It Goes…#712

Before we all start losing our sang-froid historical perspective and end up in a corner somewhere , sobbing piteously to ourselves ,it’s worth remembering that ,on the whole it has ever been thus.  Economics ,War ,Religion ,Politics ,etcetera. It really has been that bad since time immemorial ;anyone who says let alone believes otherwise is a not only a fool unto themselves but is a burden to others -who coincidentally are also most likely practising the art of fooling themselves. Take for example,shooting and or bombing and invariably killing and destroying members of the army your country is supposed to be an ally of . The Yanks are terribly good at this with an unsurpassed record of ,what some spin doctor christened ,” friendly fire incidents ” ,of which on the whole the British have been on the receiving end of. Going back all the way to advances following the D-Day Landings on 6 June 1944.The ,what became retrospectively named the First Gulf  War underscored the Yanks propensity for not being able to tell their arse from their elbow. The UK suffered more casualities at their hands than at Saddam Hussain’s army, a matter not really recovered by the second installment which followed in 2003. Why do these incidences ever happen and almost always at the most embarrassingly sensitive time ? Incompetence and stupidity just about covers them. I & S are by themselves not necessarily lethal , and neither is a parked car until a drunken psychotic decides to take it for a drive.  So ,as Western civilisation teeters on the very brink of pseudo-moral collapse ,engulfed by overblown rhetoric and the venal posturing of its Ruling Elites and cretinous political class,what does the Republic of Turkey do ? it goes and ,at this juncture claims to have shot down a Russian military aircraft engaged in a mission against Daesh. You know ,just so as to keep this interesting. Turkey is a loyal and devoted Satrapy of NATO ,a vassal state of the USA ,that much is a fact.


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