And So It Goes…#715

Here in Greater Europe’s northwestern maritime province of Yu-Kay ,there’s been ever such a huge amount of fuss stirred up these last few days ,you’d think that this former Country had gone to War or something !! Which of course legally speaking ,it actually hasn’t ;gone to War that is .It may have gone some significant way toward that usually controversial objective , but not actually into it ,which is the calculated impression given by the Newspapers which are ,as usual , laden with all the gaudy metaphors and cod-philosophical ,pseudo-rhetorical posturing with which they embellish just about anything and everything that might otherwise be treated as a ” serious ” subject or matter. Even that offspring of Tony Benn’s ,Hilary who is now sadly Shadow Secretary of State for Meddling in other Folks’ Business ,has gotten quite carried away by the sense of occasion. It’s not all that often that you get the opportunity to listen to someone of presumed intellectual and moral stature utter a complete load of superficially persuasive bollocks and so we have Hilary son of Tony to thank for brightening up what otherwise would have been our dull and plain and simple sojourn on this insignificant planet . Putting aside for one moment ,the erroneous ,inconclusive and fallacious content and character of Hilary Benn’s speech , the proverbial ” elephant in the room ” or rather in his speech ,needs I think to be spelled out. It is the democratic parliamentary representatives of the British Trades Union and Labour Movement -The Labour Party -which is non-pareil when it comes to being warmongers ,bombers and invaders of Countries that pose no actual ,direct danger to Britain. 1949 – Korea ,1999 – Yugoslavia ,2001 – Afghanistan , 2003 – Iraq .  So ,Parliament and Hilary and Labour,shut the f*** up.


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