And So It Goes…#717

Many years ago ,decades in fact ,when I started taking an interest in ” the news ” in general and ” politics ” in particular ,around the time of the first Wilson government ,much got made about  ” a run on the Pound “. The Markets weren’t happy with the election of a Labour government and as consequence showed that they had lost confidence in the future prospects of the UK economy. We of course know that this sort of response is de rigeur for the Capitalist Ruling Class and its retinue of stock market embezzlers and confidence tricksters .It is intrinsic to the arcane quasi-theological practices of the Big Money System ,for the relative value and purchasing power of a nation’s currency to undergo a deleterious recalibration because of the particular outcome of a democratic parliamentary election. In South America by contrast ,throughout the 1940’s,50’s,60’s,70’s and 80’s the Markets manipulative shenanigans response was simply a courtesy detail ,the default major response by the local oligarchs and kleptocracy was to engineer military coup d’etats. The European Union ,however , is exemplary in its use of financial levers ,government after sovereign democratic government has been usurped and cast down and it seems that  ” They ” , the Princes of Global Corporate Finance ,the High Priests of Usurer-Capitalism are sizing up yet another contender for their financial guillotine. Herewith gleaned from the Belfast Telegraph two days ago….

” A major international investment bank has issued a stark warning about the possibility of Sinn Fein being in government to investors considering taking a punt on the Republic of Ireland’s resurgent economy.

 German financial power- house Commerzbank AG told investors that Sinn Fein in power would be a risk to the Republic’s “phoenix from the ashes” recovery.

In a note to investors, Commerzbank economist Peter Dixon said: “The rise of Sinn Fein at the expense of Labour should raise some concerns that the fiscal stance may not be as tight in future as currently projected, given that Sinn Fein’s policies imply a much greater role for the state in the economy.”

His comments – reported by business media company Bloomberg – follow a similar warning from US investment giant Goldman Sachs, which described Sinn Fein as the “biggest risk” to Ireland’s recovery and compared Gerry Adam’s party to Syriza in Greece.  ”

Yet one more good reason why Capitalism needs smashing and Capitalists and their supporters need to be given a jolly good talking to  ( heavy use of allegory ,metaphor and grammatical dissimulation ).


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