And So It Goes…#718

If in another 80 years time as the 21st.Century draws to a close ,civilised human society is still having more or less the same discussion / arguments over the chronic ,dystopian failings of the capitalist economic system ; then we as a created species have simply ,irredeemably fucked up beyond all rational measure. Gleaned from a current online article posted on facebook by Solidarity,Australia about the Great Depression.

” Bosses, churchmen and so-called “community leaders” berated the dole as a system where the “moral fibre” of the unemployed was being sapped by charity with society getting no recompense for its tax money.

As late as August 1931, with unemployment over 27 per cent of unionists, a police magistrate could remark, “It is the fault of many persons themselves that they are not working at present.”

In May 1932 the Victorian state government of Stanley Argyle appointed William Kent, an open admirer of fascism, as Minister in charge of the Sustenance Branch of the Ministry of Labour. He said that sustenance without work had led to a “marked mental and moral deterioration and a lowering of tone” among its recipients.

The police control of food relief placed the unemployed into a category of “outlaw”. The unemployed demanded the relief issue was taken out of the hands of the police in town and country alike.

Organising the unemployed

Among the UWM’s first activities were large demonstrations to demand improvements to unemployment assistance. There were protests in Melbourne in 1930 against the replacement of food vouchers, which could be redeemed at any store, with the direct issue of rations. Adelaide saw a protest in January 1931 against the replacement of beef rations with mutton.

The UWM also organised to resist evictions of the unemployed and their families who were unable to pay rent.”

The contrived ,engineered near total systemic global financial collapse that was initiated 2007/08 continues unabated as globalised ” Austerity” across all capitalist economies on into the foreseeable future.That actually puts the much mythologised  ” Great Depression ” somewhat into the proverbial shadows. The multiple,intertwined war scenarios are gathering intensity ,commodity prices ,particularly Oil , have plummeted into the chasm and a bunch of wannbe war-mongering psychotics are in command of the western powers and their various oriental satrapies. Reform via Parliament are mutually rendered wholly inert and inoperable. If the progressive ,revolutionary,libertarian,economically emancipatory forces don’t get it together soon they won’t be in any position to get it together later. There is no later.This IS later !

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