And So It Goes…#719

There is nothing new under the sun. The object of Capitalism is economic exploitation.The fact that most of us are not physically coerced by  a bayonet jabbing into our backs whilst we perform our economic function ,is mere lucky happenstance. In order for the capitalist mode of economic development to even exist ,let alone flourish ,according to its own brutalising logic ,certain things must happen in order for it to operate. Our present day ” Austerity ” is but a mere detail in the vast ,unfolding ,albeit unwieldy panoply at the heart of Global Monopoly Usurer-Capitalism. And therefore every and any act of resistance to the System’s infernal dynamic ,anything at all that impedes its progress or slows it down or causes delay and disruption whether for a short while or longer historical interlude constitutes a Victory against the very nature of Capitalism. If  Capitalism was the only way of organising economic activity and basing all surrounding human societies on its principles ,then clearly there would be something terribly wrong with the Cosmos and our fundamental existence on earth. I mean ,what kind of sado-megalomaniacal psychotic would envisage  and then implement  neo-liberal free market economics as the organising principle for an entire planet let alone a child’s Monopoly board ?  Einstein has been attributed with the observation  that , ” God does not play dice with the Universe ” . Neither should we stand idly by and permit our World and our Human civilisation to be subject to the spins on a roulette wheel in a Casino managed and operated by the Usurer-Capitalist Ruling Mafia. Democracy is in this respect more than just a useful ,occasional tool ,it is an effective means of shutting down the Casino’s operations with negligible collateral damage and cost to the Resistance itself.  Ambrose- Evans Pritchard ,ever the Financial Commentator non-pareil ,fulminates in the Daily Telegraph of 21 December against the latest ,promising incursion into Capitalist hegemonic territory by Oppositional forces and their Liberation agenda ; savour this:-

Spain risks months of political paralysis and a corrosive showdown with Germany over fiscal austerity after insurgent movements smashed the traditional two-party system, leaving the country almost ungovernable.

The electoral earthquake over the weekend in one of the eurozone’s ‘big four’ states has echoes of the shock upsets in Greece and Portugal this year, a reminder that the delayed political fuse from years of economic depression and mass unemployment can detonate even once the worst seems to be over.

Bank stocks plummeted on the Madrid bourse as startled investors awoke to the possibility of a Left-wing coalition that included the ultra-radical Podemos party, which won 20.7pc of the votes with threats to overturn the government’s bank bail-out and to restructure financial debt.

Pablo Iglesias, the pony-tailed leader of the Podemos rebellion, warned Brussels, Berlin, and Frankfurt that Spain was retaking control over its own destiny after years of kowtowing to eurozone demands.

“Our message to Europe is clear. Spain will never again be the periphery of Germany. We will strive to restore the meaning of the word sovereignty to our country,” he said.

……………                        ……………………..                ……………………………………….

Clearly ,the sovereign electorate and democratic expression of its will is at best a nuisance and mighty inconvenience to the capitalist Ruling Elites ,it messes with their plans and their fantasies over 10 year Bond yields and whether or not to ” invest ” in stuff. And when the People of Great Britain vote and vote decisively ,just for the hell of it , to leave the EU in 2017 , then we shall see one helluva reaction as to make this one pale into insignificance. It really is The People ,Das Volk who make History,but not in the circumstances of their own choosing.Obviously ;when was the last time anyone can recall  any people anywhere making a History-shifting decision in circumstances which they chose ? Precisely , Capitalism ab initio denies the People and makes it impossible for the People ever to be able to ” choose ” anything. It has never been about choice ,it has always been and always shall be about Necessity. After all ,no-one in their right mind would conceivably choose capitalism .


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