And So It Goes…#720

It is ever the mark of an Idiot ( and equally the true mark of such an individual’s followers and acolytes ) ,that no matter how useless  or counter-productive that Idiot’s actions and policies ,the Idiot themselves and more fervently their followers and acolytes will laud every failure and palpable disastrous consequence as some noble and heroic triumph of a visionary. Gleaned recently from the Daily mortgage-enslaved ,toadying lower middle class conformist Mail :-

 ” From hubris to hell: In a courageous dispatch, PETER OBORNE reports from the Libyan city where Cameron was hailed as a saviour for toppling Gaddafi. He found bloody anarchy… and fanatics now bent on bringing carnage to the West “

  • The Libyan city of Benghazi is still a struggling battlefield of violence
  • Chaos has escalated since the country’s demise and Gaddafi’s death 
  • ISIS militants have built a stronghold in the central Libyan city of Sirte
  • The jihadi group now earns money through running the migrant boat trade 

” Greeted as a hero while smiling to the cameras, David Cameron had flown into the Libyan city of Benghazi and was milking every last ounce of publicity from Britain’s successful role in the fall of Colonel Gaddafi.

Alongside the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy, he visited a hospital and travelled to Liberation Square to deliver a triumphant speech to cheering Libyans.

Cameron told his audience: ‘It is great to be in free Libya. Colonel Gaddafi said he would hunt you down like rats, but you showed the courage of lions . . . Your city was an inspiration to the world as you threw off a dictator and chose freedom.’ He explained that he was ‘proud of Britain’s role’ in helping to eradicate Gaddafi.

He concluded with this pledge: ‘Your friends in Britain and France will stand with you as you build your country and build your democracy for the future.’ Today, just four years on, Cameron’s hubristic promise has turned out to be worthless.

Rather than bequeath Libya a prosperous and democratic future, Britain turned away and the country lies in chaos.   “

Of such stuff then are our contemporary  ” Leaders ” in the West composed . Meritricious ,venal ,stupid . The same ilk that barely two years ago were on course to instigate a Third World war against Russia after the West’s ( NATO ) botched coup d’etat in the Ukraine . The same retinue of Usurer-Capitalist Ruling Elite clowns who are seeing the remnants of their own nation states drowning in the Deluge of ” refugees ” brought about by NATO’s decades long  insane policy of inflicting carnage and chaos on everyone and everything they take strategic dislike to.  The Global Monopoly Usurer-Capitalist economic system is simply the most humongous pile of shit ever to have existed on our planet and the political class are its shovellers.


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