And So It Goes…#722

” Once more unto the breach…” The perennial problem which all oppositional movements experience ,is that one of momentum.The ability to imbue an on-going sense of purpose and to maintain some credible semblance of it over time.’s my contribution to  the axiomatic ” La Lotta Continua ” which I emailed this morning to groups and bodies which really ought to be part of the wider Anti -Austerity consensus at least here in Wakefield – Britain’s 11th.largest city. Christians Against poverty; St,Catherine’s Church Food Bank, Community Awareness Programme and City of Sanctuary.

The Wakefield & District People’s Assembly wish to cordially invite you and your organisational colleagues to come to our next scheduled Public meeting,which will be on Monday 11 January at 7.30 pm at Lightwaves Leisure Centre. We would value your insights and information particularly on the pressing issues of social and economic exclusion that are currently affecting so many of the people in our Community. As Trades Union activists ,Community campaigners and others opposed to Austerity ,we believe that it is vital to have up to date,correct information regarding for instance, the actual numbers impacted by the government’s Welfare Sanctions etc. As one of many People’s assemblies throughout Britain,we want to enable those affected by Austerity policies to speak out and share their stories and help broaden and inform public awareness that there is in fact an alternative to all this suffering and deprivation. If you need further information ,Wakefield People’s Assembly has a dedicated page on facebook.
and so it goes……..I’ve done ” my bit “; I have not sounded the retreat.

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