And So It Goes…#724

The canny observer can always tell when a sea change is about to happen ,or is indeed taking place. Fundamental alterations in the balance of forces in the interminable and ultimately irreconcilable Class Struggle of Labour v. Capital ,regularly undergo such necessary convulsions that the more sanguine refer to as paradigm shifts. They are happening now ,have happened in the Historic past and shall inexorably re-occur in our indeterminate and far flung future. Life’s a walking shadow ,a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then ,is heard no more. ” Right ” and “Left ” were conjured up out of the ether circa 1789,originally in spatial relationship determined by the physical seating arrangements in the French National assembly  vis a vis the Speaker’s point-of-view. Had Jacobin and Girondin been transposed then our contemporary and hugely ineffective and ineffectual ” Left ” would actually be the ” Right ” . Anyhow ,all the self-referencing ” progressive ” almost exclusively humanistic /atheistic inspired deranged twaddle we’ve had shovelled down our throats these past 3 centuries were intrinsic to that singular cataclysmic disaster now lionised and feted as  ” The Enlightenment ” and the French ” Revolution “. They both were contrived and they offered and became a disguise and a divertissement for the real struggle ,Labour v.Capital ;the Exploited v. Exploiters. And the ” Left ” got sucked into it ,more so than the  ” Right ” ,because the Right are the general but imperfect representation , not representatives , of the Exploiters. Exploiters don’t need  ” representing “,they don’t need mediators and concilliators – lobbyists is as far as they need ever go to appear human and amenable to the rest of us. History repeats itself ; tragedy and farce are interrelated and our perceptions are dependent on our location as observers. This is what the immediate future of the EU is for the next half a century or so. Multiplied by a thousand cities and a thousand outrages.A fire burning down civilisation whilst the watchmen argue the toss over which type of waterbucket to use and who should be in charge of the firefighting operation. And they haven’t even gotten round to discussing what to do with the gang of arsonists !

Hundreds of far-right protesters rampage through German town, destroying ethnic restaurants and takeaways – hours after Merkel admits European migrant crisis is ‘out of control’

  • Anti-refugee rioters have gone on the rampage in Leipzig, trashing Doner kebab and fast food stalls 
  • 250 holigans part of the local branch of PEGIDA known as LEGIDA set cars on fire and vandalised shops 
  • LEGIDA called for the deportation of migrants and closure of borders following the sex attacks in Cologne 
  • Germany has started sending a growing number of migrants back to Austria since the New Year’s Eve sex attacks 

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