And So It Goes…#730

One day soon ,they’ll produce a motion picture about the demise of the European Union along the lines of the current expose-smash hit about the 2007/08 financial meltdown ,” The Big Short “. In the meantime ,we the 99% have to live through this cataclysmic disintegration and upheaval as best we can under what are such parlous socio-economic conditions  that the only valid comparison is the 1920’s and 30’s. Corruption ,Stupidity and Hubris are the three core principles of the European Project -whatever the f*** that was supposed to mean in practice among the eurocratic elites of Strasbourg and Brussels. It’s no coincidence that Transparency International , ( a kind of self-appointed  quasi-N.G.O. keeping a watchful eye on the levels of global  governmental corruption ) reported the other day,that ,in essence the further East and South you go within Europe the more their Index on publicly perceived levels of state corruption increase. Let’s not forget that  three former Soviet Socialist Republics ,two former constituent republics of the NATO-extinguished Federal Yugoslavia plus the bulk of USSR linked COMECON are what is the Black Hole of a socio-economically destitute and culturally hindered sub-continent sucking the very oxygen of existence out of Great Britain and everywhere else here in what was  ” The West “. Unlike post-1945 Western Germany that underwent,albeit at times a superficial de-nazification process ; none of eastern europe and the Balkans had a de-stalinisation programme. No-one was ever brought to account let alone subsequently removed from office . Hence all the vitriol,prejudice and irrationality surrounding the present on-going imbroglio vis a vis the US/NATO engineered and promoted series of debacles across the Middle East that have become a whirlwind threatening to flatten all of us.


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