And So It Goes…#732

In any war ,you can learn more about how the struggle is actually faring by listening to what your enemies are saying amongst themselves than you ever can from what your allies are telling you. And the remorseless struggle to bring about the dissolution and permanent downfall of the European Union is going very well indeed ; better in fact than any true enemy of this megalomanic Euro-Ruling Elites’ project could possibly have dreamt of.

The renowned Historian /Commentator and all round anti-working class ,Tory Supremacist Max Hastings bemoans excellently in the DailyUsurer Mail of 3 February :-

” David Cameron today believes himself on the brink of a triumph. His proposed EU renegotiation needs only endorsement at a summit of the other 27 members. This would be followed by a June referendum, ending with an ‘in’ vote that will scupper his foes in Ukip and on the Tory Right.

But what if he is wrong? What if yesterday’s draft settlement, requiring merely a shifting of deckchairs in Brussels, provokes a seismic shift in the British body politic? Read President of the European Council Donald Tusk’s letter, which makes plain how little has changed, for instance on migrants: ‘We need to fully respect the principles of freedom of movement and non-discrimination.’

Most of what Cameron claims to have secured will remain vague aspiration, a country mile from implementation. Who else would trumpet the securing of an ‘emergency brake’ on migrants’ benefits over which he will have little control, or a red card system that requires the support of more than half of our bickering EU neighbours on any given issue?

This much is plain: the sham of a renegotiation, the pretence that the Prime Minister meant what he told us for years about his intention to change our terms of membership of the EU, has spawned a cynicism across the land that will not quickly be dispelled.

No politician dares to tell voters all the truth about difficult issues, because the message would be so bleak that they could never win an election. “


Hastings’ conclusion is interesting. Life is hard then you die Max.

Works alone will not save your tawdry,backwards shitty little futile economic system and all of its petty ,soul -enslaving hierarchies

.For all true and genuine enemies and haters of the very concept and existence of this THING calling itself the European Union or any idea even remotely resembling it , it’s all rather simple and straightforward. Bury it.There’s nothing to be gained ,nor does it make the necessary task any easier by concocting some entirely specious ,pseudo-philosophical / ideological ,grandiose argument over whether it gets buried in a coffin with ceremony or simply ,as it ought to be ,slung into an anonymous ditch somewhere and urinated over before the last shovelful of earth.

Can you feel the earth beginning to shake and tremble ? I’d get out now before you end up getting buried along with the rest of the legions of the doomed.


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