And So It Goes…#733

The poor ,benighted electorate of the formerly ” Great ” Britain will soon be handed the opportunity to cast their votes in the referendum on the question of  the UK’s continued membership of the European Union. Do ” We ” stay or do ” We ” leave. ?Unfortunately it’s all a load of monumental bollocks. Why ? Because Parliament can at any time vote to leave the EU !! and it could have chosen to do so at any time during the last 40 odd years. This is what says about the Sovereignty of Parliament :-

” Parliamentary sovereignty is a principle of the UK constitution. It makes Parliament the supreme legal authority in the UK, which can create or end any law. Generally, the courts cannot overrule its legislation and no Parliament can pass laws that future Parliaments cannot change. Parliamentary sovereignty is the most important part of the UK constitution.

Parliamentary sovereignty and the UK constitution

People often refer to the UK having an ‘unwritten constitution’ but that’s not strictly true. It may not exist in a single text, like in the USA or Germany, but large parts of it are written down, much of it in the laws passed in Parliament – known as statute law.

Therefore, the UK constitution is often described as ‘partly written and wholly uncodified’. (Uncodified means that the UK does not have a single, written constitution.)

Developments affecting Parliamentary sovereignty

Over the years, Parliament has passed laws that limit the application of parliamentary sovereignty. These laws reflect political developments both within and outside the UK.

They include:

  • The devolution of power to bodies like the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.
  • The Human Rights Act 1998.
  • The UK’s entry to the European Union in 1973

These developments do not fundamentally undermine the principle of parliamentary sovereignty, since, in theory at least, Parliament could repeal any of the laws implementing these changes. ”

N.B. ” Passed laws that limit the application of. . .” and ” No Parliament can pass laws that future Parliaments cannot change “.

It is a monstrous lie perpetrated by the Ruling Elites that says our elected representatives in Parliament cannot do this and cannot decide that . It is a grotesque deception which most MPs themselves willingly perpetuate. An absurdist myth has been cultivated and allowed to flourish for decades that forces the rest of us to accept unelected Euro-Kommissars from places such as  Latvia,Poland and Romania of all countries to have a decisive say in the governance of our Sovereign homeland . This nonsense has to end. Pray that it ends soon.



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