And So It Goes…#734

” May you live in interesting times ” , is popularly understood to be a proverb of Chinese origin and it is not meant to wish the hearer of it well.

We do live in such ” interesting ” times. Global Monopoly Usurer-Capitalism and its Ruling Elites are drowning in maelstrom of their own making.A veritable sea of crises is engulfing them,their institutions and ultimately their hegemony over human society.When History moves on and one epoch is delineated from the preceding one,usually by violence,chaos and all their attendant maladies-political,economic and cultural.It was ever thus ,is currently the triumphantly emerging norm and shall even in future histories be seen as the key performance indicators of what passes in our own mind’s eye as ” civilisation ” on this planet. The trick of course is to try and avoid being underneath when the whole edifice comes crashing down about our ears.Just imagine how the enslaved coolies felt as Rome fell ;who the heck was going to feed them and house them and what sort of future prospects did Rome’s demise entail for them.Historical Materialism / Dialectical Materialism,the necessary analytical tools required to extract reasoned and self-evidently valid ,usuable interpretation and understanding from the operation of the iron laws of historical development will tell what you can and ought to expect. It’s not thaumaturgy,it’s science-and therefore is subject to challenge,falsification and refutation.We are the ones who make history but never in the circumstances of our own choosing ,the very circumstances that in turn determine consciousness which in turn cause us or impel us to act . The 1% ,the Oligarchs ,the super-duper wealthy who have for centuries despoiled,exploited,blighted and eviscerated our world and our societies with their tyranny of socio-economic enslavement,exploitation and insane and unsustainable economic system predicated on the actual thaumaturgy of Usury – THEY too understand and are able to interpret to their own objective Class-defined advantage and benefit ,the laws governing the development and motion of Human history and civilisation . The question which ought to concern the 99% of us,is not whether there is Gravity and if it works or not-but rather who it is that’s going to get chucked off the roof of the skyscraper and whose kerr-splat on the pavement below demonstrates the eternal verity that,indeed the law of gravity can be used to our advantage.

A bit like the upcoming referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union.Time to put a stop to being the ones whose smashed and wasted lives prove that European Union works .


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