And So It Goes…#735

Given that all temporal politics are merely the expression of what are essentially ,to use the vernacular , ” a load of bollocks ” ,it can be deduced that not all political opinions and ideologies are equal and that one has to discern which among the competing ideologically driven and nuanced explanations represents the greater or lesser load of bollocks in any given situation or argument. Open borders or border controls ;free market economics ,state intervention or socialism  and so on and so forth ad infinitum. What trumps all other arguments is the iron law,the inevitable and inexorable Necessity. If you don’t call the fire brigade now the whole building will burn down -that is a reasoned response to an unambiguous necessity – a fire ;the question as to whether the fire brigade is run as a public service or not ,does not obviate the need for their to be a fire brigade on duty. You could of course have a situation where there is a general consensus and acceptance that no fire brigade is needed at all ,in which case ownership,control and accountability don’t enter the equation. The following is gleaned from a google search,i.e. after practically several minutes of intensive research :-

Necessity is the idea that everything that has ever happened and ever will happen is necessary, and can not be otherwise. Necessity is often opposed to chance and contingency. In a necessary world there is no chance. Everything that happens is necessitated.

The great atomist Leucippus stated the first dogma of determinism, an absolute necessity.

“Nothing occurs at random, but everything for a reason and by necessity.”

But we must distinguish between this claim of physical necessity and the simpler logical necessity of formal systems.Aristotle‘s logic defended the logical necessity that only one of two contradictory statements can be true, and the other false. Diodorus Cronus developed the Master Argument to show that only one answer to a question about a future event can be true. Either Yes or No. This led to the Megarian idea of actualism, that there is no future contingency and only one possible future.

Diodorus’ paradox was the result of the principle of bivalence or the law of the excluded middle. Only one of two logically contradictory statements can be necessarily true. Aristotle solved the paradox by saying that the truth of statements about the future is contingent on the actual future, as follows,

“A sea battle must either take place tomorrow or not,
but it is not necessary that it should take place tomorrow,
neither is it necessary that it should not take place,
yet it is necessary that it either should or should not
take place to-morrow.”(De Interpretatione IX, )

William Pitt the Younger  articulated masterfully that – ” Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.It is the argument of tyrants.It is the creed of slaves “.

Austerity is necessary.Bank bailouts are necessary.Free market capitalist economics are necessary.The Department of Work & Pensions imposing a 13 weeks punitive Sanction by withdrawing your Jobseeker’s Allowance is necessary ? The short answer is of course , ” No “.None of the preceding is actually necessary.Those in power ,in charge , who control and administer vast labyrinthine bureaucracies get to determine and set the rules of the game.A game you cannot ever win. Well hardly ever ; only 2% of all those ,over 1,000,000 cases annually who have a Welfare Sanction imposed on them get to the Appeal stage , a point in the grinding process that is virtually guaranteed to deliver a decision in the appelant’s favour.

Necessity is the benefit -of-hindsight rationale used to dress the infringement of human freedom with a fig leaf of legitimacy and decorum of some due process. To an ever increasing number of the general public at large it seems that those in charge singularly fail to do so competently – hence the continuing albeit fairly residual Appeal outcomes refuting the original fabricated charge/accusation.

The abolition of all welfare sanctions ought to be a necessary demand and integral component of any comprehensive political platform that is opposed to and campaigns against Austerity.At present ,this of course is not the case. That it is not ,is simply another victory for tyranny.A victory facilitated by the creed of slaves who so readily accept their condition .There is and always has been a symbiotic relationship between Tyrants and their Slaves ; in fact one’s necessary existence is predicated upon the other’s. The  ” answer ” to Slavery isn’t to abolish slavery ;it is for slaves to refuse to act the slave. Just as the  ” answer ” to the remorseless tyranny of  consumer capitalism isn’t to get rid of capitalism,rather it is to begin to refuse to be a passive ,socially conformist consumer. And that makes personal sacrifice a necessary precondition. F*** the mortgage ,f*** the holidays,f*** avarice and greed. Necessity beckons and is never denied.


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