And So It Goes…#738

When US Imperialism through its NATO Satrapies set about destroying the sovereign democratic state of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ,few would have ventured the thought that this belligerent enterprise would become the template of broadly similar projects to be initiated against other sovereign states to whom the US and its coterie of compliant satrapies had voiced their hostility.  Afghanistan ,Iraq, Libya,Ukraine and Syria followed in short order as the Spirit of an mendacious, militant, militarist triumphalism swept through the Western Ruling elites and their governments.They and they alone became the architects ,engineers,financiers  and ” builders ” of terrorist states and their prodigy. The xenophobic Greater Albanian nationalist terrorist organisation UCKA /KLA attained its  apogee when a peripheral  region of the brutally dismembered FRY was parlayed into a zombie-like quasi-legitimate existence as the State of Kosovo.  The West’s ,and in particular the neocons of Washington, psychotic preoccupation with dismantling and reordering the world according to Adam Smith and the precepts and imperatives of global Usurer-Capitalism truly acknowledge no bounds.

Of course,as with all Imperialist warmongers their seemingly unstoppable success contains within it the very seeds of their own and their megalomanic projects’ ultimate failure and destruction. it just doesn’t appear so to the rest of us here on Planet earth. Syria bleeds,millions are displaced,carnage and chaos motivate entire populations to head for perceived collective safety. Whilst Russia,China,India and vast swathes of Latin American,African and Asian political actors seek to maintain and develop rational and mutually beneficial norms of trade,diplomacy and co-operation ,the US ,UK ,France ,Germany,Turkey and their deluded underlings across the arabian gulf are turning every peaceful scenario into  apocalyptic charnel houses indistinguishable from the wars of conquest from the Middle Ages.

I’ve gleaned and appended an extract from US/EUNATO ‘s Chatham House think tank ,one of the most highly regarded intellectual-propaganda bastions of global Usurer-Capitalist Enslavement.

This is what venal amorality smell like.It makes the Nazis 1942 Wannsee conference look pretty small beer.




Category of paper: Discussion Group Summary
Kosovo: International
Law and Recognition
A Summary of the Chatham House International Law Discussion Group
meeting held on 22 April 2008.

Chatham House is independent and owes no allegiance to government
or to any political body. It does not hold opinions of its own; the views
expressed in this text are the responsibility of the speakers. This
document is issued on the understanding that if any extract is used, the
speakers and Chatham House should be credited, preferably with the
date of the event.

The meeting was chaired by Elizabeth Wilmshurst. Participants included legal
practitioners, academics, NGOs, and government representatives.
• Alice Lacourt, legal adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
• Ralph Wilde, Reader and Vice Dean for Research, UCL

The discussion following the presentations was held under the Chatham
House Rule. The event was sponsored by Clifford Chance.
Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on 17 February 2008. As David
Miliband noted in his Written Ministerial Statement of 19 February 2008, the declaration proclaims Kosovo as a democratic, secular and multi-ethnic republic and states that its leaders will promote the rights and participation of all communities in Kosovo. The Declaration also contains a unilateral undertaking to implement in full the obligations contained in the Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement (the Ahtisaari Plan) made by Martti Ahtisaari, UN Special Envoy for Kosovo, in February 2007, including its extensive minority safeguards. In the declaration Kosovo invited and welcomed an international civilian presence to supervise implementation of the Comprehensive Proposal, an EU rule of law and police mission and a continuation of NATO’s Kosovo Force. The declaration was adopted unanimously by the members of the Kosovo Assembly that were present.
Thirty-nine States have now recognised Kosovo as a State. The United
Kingdom, United States, Turkey and France recognised Kosovo on 18
February 2008, the day after its declaration of independence. Since then
many States have followed suit. As at the date of the meeting two-thirds of the members of the European Union had recognised Kosovo i.e. eighteen member States. In addition, Kosovo has been recognised by all the G7 states, seven Security Council members and more than half of the Council of Europe and OSCE States. Some significant States have, however, not recognised Kosovo. From amongst the members of the European Union Cyprus, Spain, Romania, Slovakia and Greece have not recognised Kosovo ..”


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