And So It Goes…#742

Althusser said something about it all, how we as individual human beings – in a society conformed to capitalist norms – locate ourselves in imaginary relationships and are defined by them.Well, something along those lines. We are,for example continually referred to and defined – both individually and collectively – as consumers.We are treated as customers, shoppers, visitors etc. when engaging in various and diverse forms of socio-economic activity as defined by and predicated upon the predominant ,hegemonic capitalist mode of production and the relations of production which arise from its inherent logic and purposes.  We are accorded or even more fancifully , ” given ” Rights. We are entered into ” Contracts “.regulatory means of social control and conformity where in practice we have no actual choice, given that we are required necessarily to enter into such contractual relations albeit,universally with superficial understanding and what generally passes for consent. Silence is indeed taken as agreement. How, from a predominantly Usurer-Capitalist set of norms and their attendant rationale could it be otherwise ? Bloody hell ,there’d be vast swathes of autonomy,anarcho-syndicalism and all sorts of divisive,revolutionary non-capitalist norms and practices and means and mechanisms of egalitarian co-operation springing up all over the place.Can’t have that, can we ? The objective,historical-materialist truth is.. that.. yes we can! The sooner the better for the 99% of mankind.

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