And So It Goes…#743

Politics, or rather what passes for supposedly serious, philosophical political discourse these days is simply meretricious rubbish.And nothing exemplifies this seemingly endemic condition more than Labour’s position on the question of leaving the European Union. Labour List, whose various dim-witted spokesbots are churning out the most contentious,vacuous twaddle dressed up as serious class politics since Keir Hardie found his way to the lectern,are the prime movers in trying to persuade the Electorate into remaining stranded in the swamp of Europsychosis and ignorance. In coalition with mainstream Tories,Liberal Democrats,the SNP and other duplicitous Petainist charlatans , the likes of Mary Creagh MP for Wakefield count out for the rest of us ,one by tedious one, all the apparent blessings bestowed upon the British Electorate by EU Kommissars over the decades. And it comes down to these,as to why the generally supine,conformist,unimaginative voter ought to consider assenting to our continued national enslavement and eternal captivity within the EU Gulag. ” These ” being the blessings bestowed upon us by EU membership alone and otherwise impossible :- The outlawing of incandescent lightbulbs; environmentally cleaner beaches and a whole raft of pro-employee/worker legislation on hours and holiday pay. Oh,and the UK gets a say as to when and how the EU Satrapies’ collective within NATO get to provoke a nuclear armageddon with Russia. Mary Creagh’s best arguments for staying in our cells.Quick ,call the Nurse !!


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