And So It Goes…#746

Nothing quite beats a huge dose of hyperbole when it comes to inflaming an already tense and hyper-sensitive political discourse on which is supposed to hang the very future of a Nation. The Daily Telegraph’s City page achieves this outstanding feat with commendable ease and aplomb in that Paper’s March 9 edition with :-

City warns: Brexit could leave UK in same position as Bolivia

and continues, rather more factually and eruditely on the germaine issue of how, the soon to be former ,relationship of ourselves in the role of Provincial satrapy is to be undone. –

” Following a vote to leave, the British authorities would begin renegotiating trade deals with the EU. The CityUK estimates that there are 80,000 pieces of legislation tying the UK to Brussels, which would require a large number of lawyers and civil servants working on the rules, even before there are any new efforts to create trade treaties with the EU and with other countries around the world.”

80,000 pieces of legislation..and who says the EU isn’t a bureaucratic hindrance to all and sundry ?  Well,quite a lot of its Petainist/Quisling political stooges masquerading in the House of Commons for a start.As well as the interminable plethora of Lovers /Acolytes of alien Gulags presided over by Kommissars from some obscure Ruritanian polities with rather unwholesome and unpleasant pasts.

Still, Schadenfreude all round on 23 / 6.


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