And So It Goes…#754

And here is the news as widely reported on Monday 28 March 2016.;spot the Glaring headline.

Boris Johnson has praised Putin for his ‘ruthless clarity’ after Syrian forces, assisted by Russian troops, liberated the historic site if Palmyra from ISIS.

The Mayor of London said Vladimir Putin deserved credit for ‘winkling ISIS maniacs’ in their successful recapture of the desert site.

‘If Putin’s troops have helped winkle the maniacs from Palmyra, then (it pains me to admit) that is very much to the credit of the Russians,’ he wrote in his Daily Telegraph column.

Syrian government forces succeeded in driving ISIS fighters from Palmyra today and have vowed to next target the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa next, state media said.

Mr Johnson called on the British government to send archaeologists to help reconstruct the ancient city of Palmyra after parts of the site were destroyed by ISIS.

…………………………………………………………………………and that from the Daily mortage-enslaved consumerist Mail. Did you notice their reference to the Syrian Government ? Whatever happened to Regime or hated regime or despot or tyrant? Of course,that’s before Russia exposed the West’s involvement in and manipulation of the Syrian regional crisis as an act of shameless hypocritcal posturing,bluster and mendacious incompetence, ( to put it charitably ).

Given the historic fact that the United States wishes to see Russia wiped off the face of the cartographical globe, and the sovereign nation state of Russia itself smashed and crippled beyond all hope of repair ; the US and its NATO satrapies within the Germanic EU are doing an absolutely lousy job in trying to achieve their publicly voiced strategic policy goals. Absurd venal posturing by one pathetic western demagogue,such as Cameron has been succeeded by an equally ludicrous pantomime act by a whole retinue of strutting half-wits from Tusk and Hollande to Merkel and so on down the imperialist food chain.

Schadenfreude just got epic !!


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