And So It Goes…#757

In a shocking series of high profile,world-wide Media revelations, news has left law-abiding citizens everywhere dumbstruck that very rich people have been covertly secreting away their wealth unbeknownst to the rest of us !!

11,000,000 heretofore confidential client data files from a Panama -based firm have been leaked to the media and has unleashed a veritable pent-up tsunami of pseudo- moralistic outrage,verbiage and hyperbole across the globe.

An orgy of liberal-induced pietistic self-flagellation has gripped the Commentariat and entire swathes of the Political Classes in dozens of countries, who it has now come to light weren’t smart enough or quick enough to have taken advantage themselves of all the tax-avoidance schemes whose very existence they’d obviously been unaware of prior to these shocking revelations.

For instance, the UK-domiciled Daily Usurer-Friendly Mail,has squarely placed much of the blame for all of this on Russian President Putin’s shoulders.

Yet beneath my seeming veneer of indifference toward the whole matter there beats a heart that simply couldn’t care less.


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