And So It Goes…#758

In the April 4 ,2016 edition of The Guardian the theme of  ” Poor White Kids ” cropped up,again :-

” The problem of poor white kids cannot be properly defined: not in the language of freemarket capitalism, at least. It has nothing to do with being “overtaken” – still less with any reverse discrimination against them.

It is simply that a specific part of their culture has been destroyed. A culture based on work, rising wages, strict unspoken rules against disorder, obligatory collaboration and mutual aid. It all had to go, and the means of destroying it was the long-term unemployment millions of people had to suffer in the 1980s.

Thatcherite culture celebrated the chancers and the semi-crooks: people who had been shunned in the solidaristic working-class towns became the economic heroes of the new model – the security-firm operators, the contract-cleaning slave drivers.

We thought we could ride the punches. But the great discovery of the modern right was that you only have to do this once. Suppress paternalism and solidarity for one generation and you create multigenerational ignorance and poverty. Convert Labour to the idea that wealth will trickle down, and to attacks on the undeserving poor, and you remove the means even to acknowledge the problem, let alone solve it.

Thatcherism didn’t just crush unions: alone that would not have been enough to produce this spectacular mismatch between aspiration and delivery in the education system. It crushed a story. ”

Orwell made the same point in his fiction, that whoever controls the Past controls the Present and thus controls the Future. It’s Politics 101. it is axiomatic that The Guardian and its ideological confreres are not in business to shed light on anything new, they merely rework and reconfigure oft told stories. A bit like  ” 1984 ” itself. They major in hypocrisy. And what can be re-spun once can be palmed off as rigourous analysis and insight. herewith some more examples of genuinely ” Shoddy ” journalism. ( Shoddy being cloth spun using rags from old,used cloth )

Give white working-class children extra English help to … › Education › Schools

25 Jun 2015 – Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the GuardianWhite workingclass children should receive additional help with English so they can … In 2013, white working-class pupils were the lowest attaining at GCSE with just …

Why the white working class are unlucky – The Guardian › World › UK News

14 Dec 2014 – Hugh Muir: When I was at school, the poor white boys thought they had … is a continuing crisis in the education of the poor white working class.

The Guardian and its ilk are not part of the solution..


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