And So It Goes..#759

There’s a story been making the media headlines in Britain and it has nothing to do with capitalist economics, the Referendum on our Continuing Feudal Servitude to the Holy Roman Empire or Austerity in general. The story is fairly typically representative of everyday humanity and not in its best light. I remember the infamous Jamie Bulger case , about the 3 year old who in February 1993 was lured away from his Mother out shopping by two young boys . It was pretty horrific stuff and the two evil doers got long sentences and both have since been paroled and in one case re-arrested. Anyhow. The bourgeois print and other Media are awash in the mire of liberal-inclined philosophy and tiresome quasi- marxist models of explanation and cod analyses. How terrible it is for these ” girls “,yatta-ta,yatta-ta. As if this kind of psychotic outburst is a relatively modern phenomenon. As if.  Reason,Sanity and Common Sense have been declared redundant and in many cases virtually abolished and are no longer available to assist the vast docile majority within our Society.  Hence the report gleaned from the 9 April Daily Mail :-

” Held captive in her own living room, Angela Wrightson (top) was beaten, brutalised and defiled by two jeering teenage girls she had befriended out of loneliness. For eight hours, this feral pair – who were aged just 13 and 14, and supposedly in the hands of the care system – rained blow after blow upon her. In a macabre twist, they even paused mid-slaughter to pose for giggling selfies, which they uploaded onto a social media site, while dancing to music videos and joking with friends on the phone. Among the weapons used by the teenage killers was a shovel, still covered in Ms Wrightson’s blood (bottom left picture). After the trial macabre childish drawings emerged in which one of the girls had etched a picture of someone being stabbed (bottom right picture). This week, the girls were found guilty of murder and given life sentences with a minimum of 15 years by Mr Justice Globe QC. “.

Pity; because a true Society girded with a fundamental Order, Discipline and Hierarchy as once was commonplace would have done the Right Thing and carried out Capital punishment for such an abomination and outrage. Retribution works.


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