And So It Goes…#761

Apparently,and here I’m taking my cue from the Corporate Media, campaigning in the United Kingdom’s Referendum on Continued Membership of the EU has now officially begun ! So,quite what the previous few weeks have all been about makes no sense whatsoever ; anyhow.. According to the agreed beforehand  ” Rules “, there is an Official body to campaign on behalf of the cause for  ” Remain ” and one equally so for ” Leave “. And a lot of people right across the political/ideological spectrum are terribly upset,were terribly upset and will continue to blubber long past their bedtimes over who and how some group got or didn’t get the nod from the Electoral Commission to be designated as  “Official “. It’s all a bit like a Pilot back in 1940 throwing a hissy fit for not getting picked to lead the Spitfire squadron taking on the German Bombers. I look at it this way, June 23,2016 will see the Sovereign Electorate of this Country,My Country of Birth and habitual residence decide to BREXIT. Liberation Day 23 / 6. And quite frankly I couldn’t care less as to the who,what,where,why,when and how that goes into achieving this most desirable of democratic outcomes. I’ve heard and indeed conversed with,presumably otherwise rational individuals on this topic who have as their starting point that they would not be seen dead voting alongside- and then they lapse into calumny,invective and ideological prejudice – whoever it is they don’t want to be seen to be associating with ! Yes,all well and good, but the actual,epoch defining question confronting the Electorate isn’t about personal, vacuous and ultimately untenable and largely irrelevant,personalised political prejudices ,what the decision is about is :- What does the Sovereign and indivisible Electorate wish to happen hereafter with the UK’s relationship with the Supranational, European Union/ and as a participant in articulating the Will of that Electorate what is your contribution to that answer ? Millions of people,down the Historic Ages have sacrificed life and limb in the cause of Universal Suffrage ; I am way beyond sick and worn out by the historically illiterate and morally unconscionable verbal dross that the SWP and other pseudo-revolutionaries are, after even all of their time-wasted decades of institutionalised failures,continue to hurl at Universal Suffrage. Go away and be infantile somewhere else, go organise a nationwide placard waving demo in London.  By encouraging people to desist from participating in the referendum or even worse,persuading the undecided to vote to Remain is in itself objective betrayal of the Very Classes and causes which the SWP,Labour Left,whoever, assert ad infintum they’re fighting for ! Then again,there really isn’t anything new under the sun. Is there ? Have I forgotten to mention anything ?  Thought not.


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