And So It Goes..#769

Another 45 days to go to Referendum Day on June 23,and by the looks of things they’ll have all run out of hyperbole long before we get anywhere near that singularly significant date. We don’t normally, as a supposedly supine and compliant sovereign electorate, get this much Sturm und Drang during General Elections. The recent Scottish Independence Referendum however did and for the most part it was a welcome heating up of the usual permafrost of indolence and indifference that have been the dominant characteristics of political discourse in the UK as a whole for generations now. Quite a lot of of otherwise utterly superfluous parliamentary expenses-swindling party appartchiks are genuinely getting worked up about something,but quite what that something is remains a source itself of intense speculation and forensic scrutiny. For example, for Mary Creagh MP for T’Wakefield , ( yes the Blessed Mary of the Now once again Resurgent Majority ) it’s all down to cheaper calls on the mobile.For others it’s the bonds of eternal friendship with the crypto-fascist gangster regimes of Croatia,Romania and Bulgaria or the legions of unemployed alcoholics from the bankrupt former Soviet Baltic states that are so necessary to the UK recruitment industry in order to drive down wages. And now,according to Yu-Kay ,Lavatory-Attendant-in-Chief Dave Cameron it’s all about preventing worldwide war and catastrophe. War, especially in the vicinity of even this supine,euro-compliant,Strasbourg’s Rent Boy nation is according to Dave and his chums in the Intelligence & Security Services potentially not a good thing.

And should it ever come it,when the plucky grandsons of the Hurricane and Spitfire heroes have to go and target yet more strategic hospitals and TV studios across the Oder, then concomitantly there would be a vast amount of potential fifth-columnists that would need accommodating in detention camps.At least that’s what used to happen when things went fizz,bang,pop on the other side of the Channel. But perhaps not this time because Dave clearly implied that it is the stabilising influence of the EU that is in fact preventing such a lively scenario from ever being played out again. I think he’s pointing the finger at Russia don’t you ? And on May 9th. Victory Day. The last time My Nation and My People finally sorted out the mess others had encouraged,started and had aimed it all at Russia. Still, June 23 Liberation Day looms a little closer.


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