And So It Goes…#771


” We were able to instantly respond to this act of Russian aggression – demonstration of our commitment to NATO’s collective defence. ”

The UK Government,it seems is severely handicapped by the preponderance of Ministries run and staffed by mentally retarded imbeciles. It really must feel terribly frustrating at times to be called out as the merest,kow-towing,subservient lackey of US Imperialism. British Defence Secretary Fallon is a true ideological catamite of Washington’s bloodthirsty,bellicose NeoCon establishment; the archetypal step ‘n’ fetchit for the USA’s gang of hired hoodlums that is NATO. If the world is somehow fated to repeat History ,first as a tragedy then as a farce; then it is at this juncture somewhat of a moot point if the world is doubling up on the tragedy aspect,albeit farcically.

Royal Air Force Typhoons intercept Russian aircraft near Baltics

Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets have carried out their first intercept of Russian aircraft in this round of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission (BAP).

The jets, which deployed to the region less than three weeks ago, were scrambled from Amari air base in Estonia, to intercept three Russian aircraft approaching the Baltic states. The military transport aircraft identified as AN-26 ‘Curl, AN-12 ‘Cub’ and IL-76 ‘Candid’ were intercepted as they were not transmitting a recognised identification code and were unresponsive.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

This is another example of just how important the UK’s contribution to the Baltic Air Policing Mission is. We were able to instantly respond to this act of Russian aggression – demonstration of our commitment to NATO’s collective defence.


Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria,Georgia, The Ukraine, Somalia. Got the picture, yet ? Washington’s Potentates have been winding themselves up over Russia for a mighty long time now and with each subsequent failure of theirs to land some kind of telling,knock-out blow whether via unlawful international  ” Sanctions ” or series of Black Ops.via third country financed campaigns of civil  destabilisation coupled with armed insurgency/terrorism -the US and its compliant NATO-EU Satrapies become inexorably ever more deranged and psychotic in their collective behaviours in the International arena of World Affairs and manifestly endanger otherwise normal relations between Sovereign Nation States. The outcome of which is inevitably War.


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