And So It Goes…#772

People who show great reluctance or an inability to discuss and debate embarrassing topics or perceived sensitive subject matter usually refer to such things as ” The Elephant in the Room “. And it is a curious fact,often remarked upon by those  of a more gregarious and inquisitive disposition that it’s the british ” educated ” middle classes who are the most introverted and diffident when it comes to even acknowledging that the said Elephant even exists let alone that it should be pointed out to all and sundry. Unfortunately for the rest of us,those of a truly robust,egalitarian and genuinely open democratic cast of mind,it is precisely the bien pensant,who in effect control access to the platforms and the means of production themselves, that are necessary for political discourse to take place. And for those self-referencing,venal elitists who are supposedly ” educated ” they  pretend to an intellectually untenable degree that basic and immutable economic laws of supply and demand do not operate when it comes to attempting to discuss the real impacts of unregulated mass immigration/transborder inner-EU migration.  Millions of eastern european workers descending in unaccountable droves upon the parlous British jobs market,has according to ” The Left ” had absolutely no effect whatsoever; wages according to ” The Left ” have not gone down as a direct result of the vast and rapid escalation in the supply of labour. Which is empirically something of an anomaly since all previous records and data from all leading industrialised nations attests to the Laws of capitalist Supply & Demand working perfectly in that regard. Competiton in the Labour Market depresses wages. Except when the British left says it doesn’t. Oh,okay.. Maybe that explains Jeremy ” The Great Who Am I “Corbyn’s certifably eccentric and baffling remarks about the inundation and de-facto collapse of the UK’s public sector infrastructure,jobs market and just about anything else that Lab/Lib/Con had in their ideologically driven sights to destroy.

Asked about those within Labour who worry about immigration undermining social cohesion, Corbyn said: “You have to ensure that communities are brought together, that people do understand the changes that are happening and actually see some plus and some benefit within it.
“You look at various towns where there’s been a big change, quite often the economy has actually begun to grow after that level of migration, there’s been actually very good levels of community understanding and integration.”
He said there needed to be greater investment in housing, schools and hospitals by central government to accommodate immigration.”
“Migration actually is a plus to our economy as a whole, those people pay a lot in taxes, receive much less on average in benefits than the rest of the community and make an amazing contribution to our community. “
Quick ,someone call for the Nurse !!
Official Data from ONS ( Office of National Statstics ) shows that ” A feature of the UK’s recovery since 2013 has been that unemployment has fallen faster than in previous recession – in the 1980s and 1990s unemployment lagged behind the recovery. This fall in unemployment is due to several factors, such as – more flexible labour markets, low wage growth and low labour productivity.”. ONS  research and analysis shows that real household incomes per head have been stagnant since 2007.
In 2012 for instance the ONS found that :-.More than four years after the start of the recession, productivity remains 3.7 per cent below its pre-recession peak. At the corresponding stage of the recessions in the early 1980s and 1990s, productivity was more than 10 per cent higher than at the start of the recession. The current level of productivity, measured as output per worker, is around 15% lower than might be expected on the basis of previous experience.
The point of allowing and promoting the idea of Freedom of movement of labour,is to maximise the ensuing economic benefits for the Capitalist Ruling Elites,the owners and controllers of the means of production,distribution and exchange. Why do you think they came up with the idea in the first place and are so keen to promulgate it so fanatically ? To their chagrin,the boost they get from continuing depressed wages is off set,more than they anticipated,by the failure of overall GDP output per head to even get back to the levels of 2007/08.
Other than that,the myriad ,self-deluding fantasists of  Lab/Lib/Con whose centre and left all are of the exact same agenda perpetuate their own vainglorious failure with vacuous appeals about multiculturalism and integration that have precisely nothing whatsoever to do with nor are they connected with in any sense at all to the operations of Laws of Supply & Demand and the necessary demands of the Capitalist Economic System. It is axiomatic that were the present seemingly endless free flow of available labour to be severely restricted or altogether cut off,then quite simply the basic function of Capitalism would be impaired and the bargaining power of organised Labour would be vastly enhanced. A historic scenario that remains anathema to the British Trades Union & Labour Movement.

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