And So It Goes…#774

What do liars do when the lies they’ve told have been found to have largely been ignored and what’s worse from the liar’s perspective, is that there aren’t that many lies left in the locker for them to tell. Well, the answer to that is apparently, keep on repeating with ever decreasing reassurance the original Ur lie. That’s what Lord, Lord? Blunkett did on BBC Radio 4’s flagship ” Today ” news programme this morning. Hastily re-arranging the clapped out rhetoric that’s been shoved down the Electorate’s throat for the last 50-odd years, David, ” 2 Sackings from the Cabinet ” Blunkett said,and here I interpret, that all of the high falutin’ dishwater polemics about migration/immigration comes down to  ” it “, being ” inevitable “. But the liberal/left, metropolitan domiciled,oxbridge tutored ruling elites and intelligentsia ,of course had to sympathise with,listen and recognise the worries,fears and concerns of those communities who were and still are as suddenly and unaccountably and certainly without any sliver of democratic,transparent consent inundated by the beneficiaries of Capitalist employment policies. First and foremost Inner-EU migration; Poland to England given equal status as say Cornwall to London or Manchester-Leeds. And why did lyin’,fornicatin’ Dave kind of own up to having had a pivotal role and influence on all this ? he’s actually scared to death, frightened that the traditional,core labour vote- what they call the ” Donkey Vote ” in many Labour held parliamentary constituencies will, contrary to elitist expectations go off and vote  ” Leave ” on June 23. Now Dave, that might just be inevitable and something you’d have to get used to. Ah,the fresh smell of Schadenfreude on a morning !!


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