And So It Goes…#776

It is Friday, June 3 and in three weeks time the British Electorate will have chosen to Leave the European Union. I believe this and and am fully committed to the Cause for the restoration of national sovereignty to the UK. Day by day, as the EU referendum debate draws to its inexorable conclusion, the bellicose hyperbole of the REMAIN campaign becomes increasingly vituperative and distanced from any semblance of logical,rational let alone coherent argument and cogent analysis. All manner of  ” Official ” bodies and foreign busybodying Heads of State have crashed this debate with their ill mannered,opinionated and wholly ignorant and unwelcome,witless sermonising on the issue of Britain’s continued subservience  and vassalage to the Greater European Union. But it will soon be over. The egregious lying filth of the Petainist #LabourIn will be consigned to the dustbin of History alongside the plethora of  ideological cowards,traitors,chancers,hypocrites,carpet-bagging opportunistic cartel of politicians,charlatan experts and commentators. starting 24 June,Britain shall reassert its alienable Right as a Sovereign Nation to determine its own Citizenry. No-one who fundamentally takes issue with this is forced to extend their otherwise temporary sojourn in these islands of ours. And So,it goes.


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