And So It Goes…#779

Entirely superfluous as in fact it is,the BBC nevertheless provides the occasional moment of light relief and respite, albeit wholly unintentionally. BBC Radio 4’s flagship ” Today ” news program, Friday 10 June afforded the attentive listener two such interludes. Andy Burnham-failed Labour Party leadership contender- and Ed ” The Talking Cretin ” Milliband -the former failed Labour leader. Both had on behalf of the insidious Petainist #LabourIn campaign pressed the BIG PANIC BUTTON. ” OMG We’re gonna lose ! ” Burnham complained somewhat in a partisan manner that labour’s ineffectual doorstep campaign was more ” Hampstead than Hull “.goodness that was terribly Class-based and patronising toward the lazy,skiving,self-aggrandising,non-contributory denizens of that pestilential sinkhole in the capital! And Ed, well he put the icing on the Grosse torte of Schadenfreude! Not only have mine enemies been cut down in public, I could hear them crack and break apart as they hit the ground.

Schadenfreude in its original,authentic German sense is simply more than a frisson or momentary experience of inner joy and celebration. It is a phenomenon to be savoured, for it is the quintessence of what defines satisfaction in a struggle in which we are wholly dedicated to the victorious outcome of a particular Weltanschauung. Schadenfreude is distinctive because it embraces the necessary corollary of our own triumph and success – that corollary being our opponents’ failure and defeat.An obvious point to exponents of mature,robust philosophical dispositions but not so to liberoid westerners who imbibe and are conditioned through insipid Anglo-Saxon empirically based philosophical dogma. Such dogma is as spineless, bloodless and ultimately lifeless as the proponents and espousers of such trite quasi-intellectual, pseudo-moral dross intended to make it. The sort of endless, piteous maundering and whining that escapes from the mouths of intellectual weaklings, whether they are officially social-democratic, conservative or liberal. The despicable conformist  intellectual/philosopher manque who spends an entire lifetime kowtowing to the apparently insuperable vicissitudes of an existence given over to surrender and compromise in place of strife and combat. The chances of any of their  misbegotten ilk ever experiencing Schadenfreude are about as remote as a person born blind being able to describe the colour purple.


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