And So It Goes…#780

In ten days time, the sovereign British Electorate get to make History. I personally have campaigned against, spoken out against ,written letters to the Press against the European Union and its previous EEC/Common Market incarnation since 1973. I have not faltered, nor deviated or equivocated in my opposition to the EU and its utterly damnable project.  The only two Journalist-Commentators that I both respect and admire and in whose work I find great intellectual and philosophical solace and reassurance are, ( in order of preference ), Peter Hitchens ( Mail on Sunday ) & Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ( Daily Telegraph ).Their resolute stance and clarity of vision and analyses about the EU are essential reading.Their respective most recent pieces even more so.  AEP in particular nails the ultra-left fantasist nonsense of ” Another Europe is Possible ” which is today’s Plate de Jour for the isolated and redundant, intellectually demoralised ” left ” that cannot bring itself to advocate a Vote Leave  nor does it want to succumb to the inexorable Petainism of Corbyn’s tragicomedic contortions.

Pritchard writes:-

“My Europhile Greek friend Yanis Varoufakis and I both agree on one central point, that today’s EU is a deformed halfway house that nobody ever wanted. His solution is a great leap forward towards a United States of Europe with a genuine parliament holding an elected president to account. Though even he doubts his dream. “There is a virtue in heroic failure,” he said.

The Project bleeds the lifeblood of the national institutions, but fails to replace them with anything lovable

I do not think this is remotely possible, or would be desirable if it were, but it is not on offer anyway. Six years into the eurozone crisis there is no a flicker of fiscal union: no eurobonds, no Hamiltonian redemption fund, no pooling of debt, and no budget transfers. The banking union belies its name. Germany and the creditor states have dug in their heels.

Where we concur is that the EU as constructed is not only corrosive but ultimately dangerous, and that is the phase we have now reached as governing authority of crumbles across Europe.

The Project bleeds the lifeblood of the national institutions, but fails to replace them with anything lovable or legitimate at a European level. It draws away charisma, and destroys it. This is how democracies die. ”

Varoufakis was Greece’s Finance Minister in the absurdist installation artwork that called itself Syriza and promised and was elected into office in 2015 on the popularly accepted understanding that it would campaign against EU/Troika imposed austerity which continues to essentially kill Greece. Needless to say, the continent’s first elected openly Ultra-Left government post 1945,bottled it. The virulent contagion of Class Appeasement continues to infect and strike down nearly all potentially effective forms of anti-capitalist movements and parties across geographic Europe. Nearly all,but not all; some – Podemos,The Five Star Movement,TUSC,People Before Profit,- have acquired ideological immunity and appear resistant to the strains affecting the nomenklatura of cowardice and retreat such as Varoufakis and Corbyn.  But on 23 June we get to choose for existential capitulation to inoperable brain cancer and Vote Remain or Vote Leave and go into remission and a long period of enforced convalescence leading to restored sovereignty.


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