And So It Goes…#782

The shocking murder of a british member of parliament in broad daylight in the high street on Thursday and the official prevailing  ideological response to that event are a sobering reminder as to how precarious freedom of speech and freedom of conscience truly are. All  forms of campaigning activity in the EU Referendum were declared suspended with immediate effect. The aforementioned democratic political process is in purdah until Saturday. There quite plainly is an insidious set of bourgeois/patrician norms and pseudo-values being forcibly reimposed as diktats to be obeyed without question, and instantaneously adhered to without dissent.This is not freedom, this is not liberty, this is not democracy. I fail to see let alone comprehend how this reaction to an assassination differentiates us totalitarianism.

P.S. On Friday the morning news reported on the death a worker at a potash mine in northern england. where is their vigil? where is the suspension until a full investigation is carried out of the operation of that mine?


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