And So It Goes…#783

Well, it is nice, no it’s more than just’s immensely gratifying and deeply satisfying to have one’s own worldview and analyses vindicated empirically and morally by the public admission of one’s detractors and gainsayers. The festering,pro-capitalist poison propagated by the Labour Party and its ideologically allied TradesUnions as well as other parties and factions nominally of what once was ” The Left ” has finally been owned up to by the very advocates of that poison itself. 48 hours before EU Referendum day,the Media reports that :-

If Britain votes to stay inside the EU, the free movement of workers will continue unchecked. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, an ally of Mr McCluskey, has said this makes it impossible to put an upper limit on immigration.

Writing in the Guardian, Mr McCluskey said: ‘In the last ten years, there has been a gigantic experiment at the expense of ordinary workers. Countries with vast historical differences in wage rates and living standards have been brought together in a common labour market.The result has been sustained pressure on living standards, a systematic attempt to hold down wages and to cut costs of social provision for working people.’

What an utterly inexcusable pair of manipulative,hypocritical,morally bankrupt,duplicitous pair of bastards those two make. Were either of them ” religious ” and professed a ” faith ” then they’d be condemned as  guilty of Apostasy and Heresy. An Auto- da-Fe  for the both of them would be an act of judicial Leniency.

How so, you might ask. It is a fundamental article of faith, an intrinsic constitutional prerequisite to be found in every ” Rule Book ” of every Trade Union ; to the effect that  The Union exists to protect and to seek to improve the wages and working conditions of its membership. Self-evidently, the free movement of labour militates against the maintenance let alone the improvement wages and working conditions. It’s called Capitalist Economics, it’s how the system functions. And yet the imbeciles and disingenuous charlatans of the Left have hurled the vacuous epithet ” racist ” at anyone and everyone who has ever advocated immigration controls, i.e. the rational and proportionate regulation of what is an  otherwise unfettered and anarchic flow of labour into localised labour markets.

For generations, the Labour Party and Trades Unions and the imbecilic Left have perpetuated the liberal orthodoxy of multiculturalism – another delusional fantasy dear to their corrupted intellects- and unrestricted migration. Well, I always knew and am now vindicated,that yes I am right and they are wrong. And so it goes..



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