And So It Goes…#784

I sure do like the smell of Victory on a morning. I’ve been on a high since waking up just after 4 a.m. Friday listen to the radio, expecting to hear all about a huge triumph for Remain. The disbelief in the broadcasters’ voices was palpable, they were genuinely astounded. I imagined that BREXIT was having the kind of visceral impact that Orson Welles’ notorious 1938  ” War of the Worlds ” broadcast had had on an unsuspecting  U.S. public tuning in mid way through that broadcast.  I am so chuffed that the first letter my local newspaper published,all those weeks ago now to start the EU debate, was mine.The one, here on record at this blog and elsewhere, ” I hate, loathe and despise the European Union and all that it stands for and all that it does “. There you go.Vindicated by the Sovereign Will of The British Electorate.

However there are some sore losers, who actually refuse to accept that they were defeated. Mary Creagh MP for Wakefield and leading  #LabourIn campaigner.

It is customary when having lost in a democratic ballot,to congratulate the winner and by doing so admit one’s own defeat at the hands of the Electorate. Note that this hissy fit of a missive does not commence ” To The People of Wakefield,Honoured Citizens On Whose Sovereign WIll All Elected Politicians Rely.”

” A message for people in Wakefield –
The country has decided to leave the European Union.
As you will know, I campaigned tirelessly for Britain to remain in Europe. But I accept that the majority of people in the country chose another path.
My priority now is to mitigate the negative consequences for people in Wakefield. ”

And this from a careerist carpetbagger who tried to weaponise for Remain campaign purposes the murder of another MP.

Schadenfreude really, really does not get any better than this!!


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