And So it Goes…#785

Last Thursday 23rd of June’s  witnessed  the great exercise of the inalienable historic rights and incontestable prerogative of the Sovereign British Electorate. That  many elected members of parliament -( themselves only in office solely by that very same Sovereign exercise of the Electorate’s prerogative ) had the actual temerity,nay brass-necked insolence and insubordination to even cast the very merest shadow of doubt and contentious conjecture at the Victorious outcome for  LEAVE is breathtaking in its audacity. This is the very stuff of outright Sedition, tantamount to Treason against Lawful Authority,that Lawful Authority itself is predicated upon and is wholly dependent for its legitimacy and acceptance on the expression of Sovereign Will of the Electorate. Equally culpable of outrageously partisan class-based and hubristic demagoguery are the Press, the Commentariat,Financiers,Artists and Academics of every discipline who by and large caricatured the 52% who voted LEAVE as mainly thick,uneducated,racist,small-minded northerners.  Naturally most of this insidious ideological invective was orchestrated,weaponised and delivered via the some 200 #LabourIn MPs. Who were left bemused on Friday 24th.June as to why ” their ” core voters – 9 million and falling,  didn’t do what they had been advised most fervently to do and vote REMAIN.

History belongs to the Masses. The Sovereignty of the British electorate cannot be countermanded. Thank God.



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