And So It Goes…#786

In the belated, though nevertheless timely and apposite sequel, ” Independence Day:Resurgence “.The heavily outgunned forces of Earth are called upon to battle an enemy they believed had been beaten 20 years earlier.Only they hadn’t;they’d simply been planning their revenge. And so it is with that insidious nest of vipers the REMAIN campaigners, in particular #LabourInForBritain – the 200 or so MPs whose other hobby is to overthrow by extraordinary means outside of their own party’s rules the popularly elected leader of their party! Treachery is a habit,cynical betrayal and an insatiable Borgian appetite for cunning and perfidy are standard job requirements for being a Labour MP. Or indeed a Tory MP or any other kind of MP as long as your parliamentary representation is spacious enough to allow the cultivation of factions. The fratricidal struggle engulfing the governing Party at present was in any event inevitable give Cameron’s playing a losing hand in the Referendum. The only sliver of merit and indeed saving grace of the Tory imbroglio as opposed to the much wider implications of Labour’s stygian machinations,is that all Tory MPs have accepted that #Brexit won and is now fully go. Labour by contrast has do no such thing. Firstly,the Tories split almost evenly over the Referendum, whereas Labour MPs went 90:10 Remain. Bummer. Not only did #LabourIn weaponise the murder of Jo Cox MP,with audacious,cold-blooded cynicism but they’ve followed it up post-referendum with a Goebbels-like media campaign reporting on a mass outbreak of what are now called ” hate crimes “. Those ” crimes ” and the murder of Jo Cox both being attributed as directly linked to stemming from the rhetoric of the #VoteLeave campaign!  And so it goes.. whilst the Tory Pary quite rightly teeters on the verge of oblivion, Labour has already fully embraced its own predestined Historic fate. And in the movie, ” Independence Day:Resurgence “,that actually premiered and I went to see,on June 23rd. the good guys overcame the odds,again.


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