And So It Goes…#790

The Petainists of #LabourInForBritain  who played such  a pivotal and decisive role in the  #VoteRemain Goebbelsian campaign to keep the UK in perpetual feudal servitude to the European Union, are at present engaged in a series of co-ordinated ploys that constitute a brazen attempt to annul the result of the EU referendum. Central to their attempts is a petition supposedly signed by over 4 million actual citizens and registered voters within the UK that calls on parliament to in effect ignore the result of the EU referendum. They shall of course fail, again. Brexit is real and it is going ahead. The European Union is on the high road to the abyss. Take for instance,the EU’s utterly insane drive to become an empire with requisite diplomatic reach and geopolitical ambitions. This gleaned Thursday 14 July,  from the Serbian B.92 news platform:-

McAllister, the German MEP from the CDU party, who is currently visiting Belgrade where he late on Wednesday met with PM-designate Aleksandar Vucic, further stressed that the task of Serbia was to align its security and foreign policy with that of the EU “also when it comes to Russia.”
Ahead of a conference in Belgrade, dubbed, The European Union’s Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy and the Western Balkans,” McAllister told the website,

“Serbia has traditionally strong economic, social and cultural ties with Russia. However, Russia unilaterally changes European borders in order to try to expand its influence and expand its control over parts of territories of neighboring countries. This is one of the reasons, why Serbia needs to make strong efforts in aligning its foreign and security policy to that of the EU, including the policy on Russia,”

It seems as though Germany is still unhappy with the outcome of WW1 and is campaiging for a re-run. Quite how they’re going to finagle the other 26 member states of the increasingly bankrupt and dysfunctional hybrid imperium to foot the bill for all this putative adventurism and Russia-baiting, is of course something that they would collectively need to consider before cozening poor battered Serbia into becoming the EU’s and NATO’s tethered goat.


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