And So It Goes…#791

Nearly 4 weeks after EU Referendum Day, the forces of Reaction & Remain continue to seek more ways to stymie and/or annul the decision of the UK Electorate to vote to leave the EU ( aka Brexit ). Petitions,demonstrations, legal actions,organised online forums, academics and prelates, commentators on every specialism – finance, foreign relations, international trade, have been brought to bear against the carrying out of the decision to leave the EU. Where does this heinous misbehaviour stem from, who are the main culprits? The facts are that Tory MPs were split roughly 50-50 on the issue, whereas Labour MPs were 90-10 for Remain.And given the enormous pro-Leave votes in a huge number of nominally Labour ” seats “, it was #LabourInForBritain who were by some considerable distance wide of the mark. Not only were they not singing from the same hymn-sheet as their ” traditional voters “, LabourInForBritain weren’t even standing in the same pews in the same church as their core voters. And that is a good thing, irrespective of any other partisan ideological considerations, if indeed it can  still be argued that there are any of any merit left. Once upon a time matters such as Treason and Sedition meant something, the words and what they signified resonated with awe and gravitas. A fortnight or so ago, a pop-up campaign – The 48% – organised a protest rally in London.One of their keynote speakers, Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy actually preached Sedition and sought to incite the crowd against our lawful government and its acceptance of the EU referendum result. The metropolitan domiciled, self-referencing bien pensant with their faux-bourgeois manners and social affectations and faddish prejudices have been around for a very long time indeed. And it is something of a meta-historical phenomenon that they choose precisely this juncture in the overarching historical narrative to once again display and articulate in an unrestrained, undiplomatic fashion their utter contempt, loathing and hatred of the majority within British society.

Here’s what I emailed to my local newspaper the other day, perhaps it’ll get published, perhaps not.

Clearly our current MP for Wakefield has lost confidence in the electorate on whom she is dependent. It seems that our current MP is far from ” chuffed ” with the democratic and binding decision of the electorate. That’s a pity because in over 40 years of community and Trades Union activism I have never witnessed such a mendacious and fundamentally dishonest campaign than that waged by the Remain block during The EU Referendum. Bear in mind that ‪#‎LabourInForBritain‬ provided Remain’s pivotal,leading role with some 200 Labour MPs declaring for Remain. It is not the electorate that has to explain itself to its elected representatives,but rather it behoves those such as Mary Creagh to make an unreserved and unconditional apology to the Electorate.

Will any MP who supported and canvassed for Remain actually apologise? probably not. Will Brexit be declared null and void? probably not.

FOOTNOTE :- There is a General Election scheduled for May 2020, once invoked by the PM via Royal prerogative, Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty envisages a timeframe of 2 years for all subsequent negotiations. This government will not go into an election with that unresolved.


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