And So It Goes…#792

A week or so ago, members of the Turkish armed forces attempted to stage a coup d’etat against their country’s democratically elected government.Their attempt ended in failure and ignominy.The Coup’s plotters, instigators and participants will be severely punished. President Erdogan wasted very little time in declaring a State of Emergency and commencing a rigorous purge, not only of the military but also the civil service and higher education establishment. Quite why the western corporate media might find any of this distasteful or inopportune or somehow morally repulsive, is more to do with Western governments’ fatuous posturing rather than the necessary demands of power and realpolitik. It was the Russian intelligence services that tipped Erdogan off about the imminent actions of the plotters. That in itself has a certain irony about it, given that Turkey is NATO’s regional bulwark and supposedly a partner of for instance the US,UK etc in matters of security and intelligence. All to the good for Russia and its position and standing. A European Union heading inexorably toward existential oblivion has just had its progress toward that most hoped for of goals considerably speeded up by Britain voting for Brexit. A weakened EU = a weakened NATO. In the USA, civil society has, again gone through a series of convulsions surrounding the legitimacy of Police violence perceived to be disproportionately directed at its Afro-American populace.A weakened US= a weakened NATO. A weakened NATO = a weakened US. The failed coup in Turkey is , to borrow from Orwell’s ” 1984 “, Doubleplusgood! as it affects the continuing shennanigans over Daesh in Syria and Iraq, themselves the engineered creations of the neocon warmongers of the US State Department,the NATO military and its regional satrapies; they as a whole are also immeasurably weakened.


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