And So It Goes…#795

There is something sinister afoot across the eastern half of the continent. Countries such as Estonia, Croatia,Latvia and the Ukraine have held official ceremonies and public celebrations in connection with the rehabilitation of individuals and groups who had until recently been condemned by post WW2 History as Nazi collaborators or outright Nazis in their own right. The most recent such incident being quoted by B.92,Belgrade :-

Croatian cabinet minister praises Ustasha terrorist

The unveiling of a monument honoring Croatian Ustasha terrorist Miro Baresic has been attended by two Croatian ministers, the N1 broadcaster has reported.


Croatia’s ’40’s nostalgia mania seems to be in overdrive, as their Highest Court also recently annulled a 1946 war crimes verdict handed down by Tito’s Yugoslavia against the Croatian Cardinal Stepanic. Estonia and Latvia have both held high profile reunions and demonstrations  honouring the members of their respective nations’ Waffen S.S. Divisions and the contribution they claim to have made in Europe’s war against Bolshevism. As for the Ukraine, the deluded fantasist imbeciles catapulted into power in the EU/NATO instigated coup have also binged on revisionist nostalgia that have recast the fascist mass murderer and terrorist chieftain Bandera as some kind of national liberation hero. All of this hive of activity is deadly serious, perhaps more serious than the western liberal warmongers would care to imagine. If the  definitive regional / global tipping point for all out war hasn’t been reached yet, then clearly it will be reached very soon because this US neocon bellicose strategic nonsense has no other end point other than conflict with Russia and not soon thereafter with China over in the Pacific. The intertwined EU and NATO, with Berlin on its own revisionist helter skelter toward an abyss it wishes that we all eventually jump into, is a mightily daunting prospect. Brexit and a growing, exponential series of ructions against the EU hegemonic project are perhaps the only brakes we have that might slow down this apocalyptic adventurism at present.



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