And So It Goes…#798

So what was that all about,eh? The UK’s referendum on its continued membership of the EU. The anticipated outcome, on the morning of June 24th was for a majority and probably quite a hefty one in favour of Remain. Official received wisdom and opinion was so entirely convinced of this reassuring result that no-one, not a solitary MP,for example, had even remotely contemplated the alternative, a majority voting in favour of Leave. Historic sea changes often occur at such unlikely junctures in the seemingly routine, normal course of events. An election more or less, a change of Party in government, downturns in the economy.None of these types of occurences by themselves necessarily cause or signal a fundamental shift of any kind. That’s how the Ruling elites prefer things to be. And then one of History’s wildcards, in this case the sovereign British electorate, comes along and votes by a majority of 52% to 48% in favour of  the UK leaving the EU. The government then really has to commence negotiations to withdraw the UK from the EU. When precisely such negotiations, referred to as Article 50,commence depends solely upon the Prime Minister exercising the Royal Prerogative. Bummer. Once Article 50 is invoked a prescribed timeframe for withdrawal negotiations goes live. So it all comes down to when the Prime Minister exercises that Royal Prerogative. Which is precisely the way the Ruling elites and the political class and the infinite plethora of experts want things to go. Arrogance and hubris,however are behavioural/psychological traits intrinsic to the Ruling elite and the political class in general. They cloud and distort and ultimately poison political judgement and weaken entrenched positions. #Brexit really has triumphed!


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