And So It Goes…#799

Quite what ” democracy ” is let alone what it is meant to be, have all gotten more than just a bit attenuated these last few weeks. A Court of Law has decided that the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party is legally entitled to determine who is to be excluded from voting in the Party’s upcoming leadership election. Meanwhile, LabourIn  ( around 200 of their MPs ) the leading force of the Remain campaign during the EU Referendum, have continued unabated their attempts to have the Electorate’s decision to vote to Leave annulled one way or another. The struggle such as it is, appears to be coalescing around the problematic of when, if ever Article 50 is to be invoked; as indeed one might have thought rationally it must and in all likelihood no later that early in the new year 2017.  So it goes. Tragedy and farce are the keynotes of the Labour Party.The Party’s leadership contest exhibits those qualities as does the Judicial imbroglio into which Labour has harried the UK’s decision to Leave the European Union. Times they are a changin’ and those who fail to adapt successfully to the altering circumstances are more than likely to find themselves sidelined as irrelevant to those new conditions. One commentator’s view of  the significance of the Brexit Vote was that it  was on a par with the Glorious Revolution of 1688. That at least lends appropriate gravitas to the whole matter and gives a proper perspective on the contemporary hiatus afflicting our creaking, first-past-the -post parliamentary system. We appear to be in a slow-motion cataclysm. So it goes.


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