And So It Goes…#800

The western ” Left “,such as they are, were long ago  comprehensively ideologically emasculated. Over 50 years of unadulterated petty-bourgeois liberal indoctrination has ensured that the Left’s fundamental position on the Ownership and control of the Means of Production,Distribution and Exchange got taken down. An engineered deluge of effete bien pensant ephemera such as the intellectualised, pseudo-moral sophistry of being Politically Correct; the espousal of meta-fictions such as multiculturalism and the (from a Class Conscious revolutionary position ) incongruous and ultimately incomprehensible support for mass immigration have proven all too effective against the Political representatives of the proletarian cause. The principles and objectives of the Ruling Elites-the owners and controllers of the Means of production et al. have endured. Trades Unions, for example, whose first organisational principle is to defend, maintain and seek to improve the wages and working conditions of their members, were transformed by their passive acceptance of an aspect of the dominant ideology.The Trades Union movement and their political representatives have long since welcomed, supported and still advocate intensive competition in the national labour market. The objective Class purpose of Competition is to lower the price of that good,service or commodity around which competition takes place. Global Corporate Usurer-Capitalism is not some uniquely quasi-moral, do-gooding phenomenon that strives to bring about universal peace and brotherhood.The Ruling Elites and their satrapies within the political class, have managed to reify the otherwise rationally preposterous fiction of immigration, as some intrinsically noble and worthwhile,life-affirming expression of the human spirit. Why would they want to do that other than as a useful and necessary tool to maintain downward pressure on wages? Given the objective Historic materialist developments and prevailing conditions, accusations of treachery or cowardice or opportunism or collaboration with the Class enemy would of course be perfectly understandable; however I think that the Trades Union and Labour movement as a whole, and not just its ephemeral ” Right wing ” ( as some would have it) are shills for the dominant ideology, accomplices to the exploitation and pauperisation of the majority of mankind. It therefore follows that all their fixtated, pseudo-leftist/liberal  prattle about imagined phenomena such as Racism, Islamophobia , multiculturalism, immigration, equal rights for this that and t’other are complete and utter bollocks ,always were ,always will be.


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