And So It Goes…#804

A flurry of social and mainstream corporate media activity accompanied Jeremy Corbyn’s  recent launch of his ” Digital Manifesto “. One paragraph in particular struck me as more than just a little sinister in its implications.
” We will develop a voluntary scheme that provides British citizens with a secure and portable
identity for their on-line activities. The Digital Citizen Passport will be used when interacting
with public services like health, welfare, education and housing. “
Clearly we’re deep inside Humpty-Dumpty territory where words mean precisely what those who use them want them to mean, no more and no less. ” We will develop a voluntary scheme..” The use of the royal ” we ” in this particular context refers to a notionally future Labour Government where Corbyn, presumably is Prime Minister. Repeat apres moi develop a voluntary scheme.Presumably participation in the development of the scheme itself will be voluntary, as will the actual participation once this scheme is implemented. This scheme, ” The Digital Citizen Passport ” will be used when interacting with various public services. Where does that place the,currently estimated, 6 ,000,000 digitally excluded citizens? Surely the customary face to face interpersonal, over the counter transactions will be allowed to continue, won’t they? In which case why introduce a digital citizens passportat all? Is the current blight of mass digital exclusion to be tackled first and every household and every citizen included via a government backed programme?
There will have to be either a very steep learning curve or a very long lead time ahead of implementation. Then again virtually all politicians of all persuasions adopt that insufferably haughty manner whenever trumpeting the next big thing that they’ll be involved in bringing to pass.
Can’t wait for the, what was it again? oh yeah, digital citizen passport..

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