And So it Goes…#807

#Brexit like any genuinely historic sea change within the British Polity ( The Reformation,The English Civil War of the 1640’s, the Bloodless Revolution of 1688 etc. ) will take a good long while to resolve itself into something that becomes a feature of an established societal landscape,the seismic convulsions of which are already underway. All the requisite conventions of open public political discourse will be on display as sides inveigh against one another with all the gravitas of Old Testament prophets. And that is how it should be, how in fact it ought to be continually, but alas tends not to be in practice. #LabourIn,the official grouping of some 200 MPs woefully out of touch on the issue with their own constituents, are the heart and lungs of the defeated Remain Campaign, much more so than the peripheral regionalist parties and the truncated Liberals added together. Ab initio my take on the European Union and all of its works has been unequivocally hostile; let death come to it and soon. I append a copy of my latest poisonous dart which I emailed out to my local and regional newspapers today.

Sir -As any experienced competent negotiator knows, the process of negotiating tends to resemble a game of Poker.Bluff ,counter bluff and raising the stakes are intrinsic to the process itself. How skilled any side is, determines the likelihood of them getting most of what they want

A grasp of these rudimentary principles seem to be eluding our government as they near the time for invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and so begin the  process of ” Brexit “from the EU. Apart from the disillusioned euro-fanatics of the defeated Remain campaign, the consensus is that we want to maximise the advantages and benefits for the UK predicated on what are basic objectives – reasserting our sovereign control of our borders which entails ending the EU imposed diktat of free movement of labour.

it does not bode well that,even before substantive talks begin, our future negotiating position is compromised by specious and ill formed public concessions to the defeatist agenda of the likes of LabourIn,most of whose 200 MPs are wildly out of step with their own constituents. Brexit need not be a long complicated process,nor does it have to be dragged out over the prescribed two years. It is axiomatic that in any given negotiation the side that is most determined wins.

Rather than capitulate before  a card is dealt, let’s declare a moratorium on  the moribund and no longer fit for purpose freedom of movement for labour. Given the 40+ years of economic and social depradations inflicted upon us by the EU, let’s have a general reset on what are ” guest workers ” from the EU,whose rights have as of 23 June de facto been rescinded. A strong negotiating position would be that only citizens of EU member states prior to January 2004 ,might be eligible to apply for extended residency permits.This measure would provide a substantial corrective to the indiscriminate and unprecedented imbalances and disadvantages foisted on the UK  who in 1975 only previously consented to be part of a 6 member states group and nothing more.

Louis Kasatkin


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