And So It Goes…#808

It is axiomatic that an increase in the supply of labour decreases the price thereof. Obvious? Not to the British Trades Union Congress; who dare not even contemplate a  debate on unrestricted competition in the UK labour market. The TUC along with their ideological confreres in the Labour Party subscribe to the shibboleth extolled by the European Union, that of  ” the free movement of labour within the EU “. For example, gleaned from official Polish government statistics,the official rate of unemployment in Poland in 2003 ( a year before accession to the EU ) was at over 20%,  in 2016 it stands at just over 8%. Poland in keeping with the other largely bankrupt, economically moribund, rustbelt former Warsaw Pact states has been a major beneficiary of the very EU dictum so enthusiastically embraced and propagated by our own TUC. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania have not somehow been magically transformed into vibrant,growth-orientated economies by their membership of the EU.They have however been able to export their vast numbers of unemployed to those regions of the EU able to absorb them. The UK, Germany, Sweden and France chief amongst them. Not that the necessary infrastructure was in place nor put into place to assist this process. No additional housing provision, no additional schools provision, no additional health service beds or GP surgeries; because no national government could reasonably estimate how many would suddenly turn up on their respective doorsteps at any time. Capitalism at its heart is anarchic and therefore unpredictable, despite all protestations to the contrary by leading capitalist spokesmen. Actions have forseeable consequences.  Trades Unions are universally predicated on the principle of defending, maintaining and seeking to improve the pay and working conditions of their members. They are not in existence to prioritise policies other than those aforementioned. And it goes.


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