And So It Goes…#809

united-kingdom-gdpGDP is the main measure of UK economic growth based on the value of goods and services produced during a given period.

My  ” facts ” are harder than your ” facts “. That’s about the infantile level of public political discourse in Britain regarding the actual state of the national economy. For years now the DWP ( Department of Workslavery & Penury ) has bleated on and on and on ad nauseam about the record numbers of people ” in work “. Their latest stats put it at close to 32 million or something like that. Who cares? It really is Ministry of Truth stuff.  Great news citizens of Oceania, the chocolate ration has been increased! Wherein fact the hapless Winston Smith had just disposed of all written records showing that the chocolate ration had been in fact decreased only the previous year and  he had just consigned those records to the oblivion of the Memory Hole. And still the punitive-Sanctions imposing, human rights and human decency shredding DWP carry on announcing in triumphalist overtones ( ( weirdly reminiscent of the Argentine military junta of 1982 and its successes in the Falklands ) that more and more people are in work or have taken up self-employment. But in the end Capitalism has to maintain rationality and objectivity; if a business is doing badly and making losses or insufficient profits they do get found out and punished by the marketplace in the end. To be pedantic, companies do really need to sell whatever it is they are in business to sell. Governments and the political classes in general don’t get this.Neither do the far from impartial,far from dispassionately objective civil service bureaucrats who manufacture propagandistic pigswill that wouldn’t have passed for credible even in Maoist China. And so the declining and increasingly moribund western capitalist democracies are atrophying economically,socially and culturally.Insane, indiscriminate punitive social welfare regulations actually inflict quasi-legal punishment on citizens deemed not to be sufficiently actively,in the opinion of a bureaucrat,  “searching ” for additional hours of work. There are no, ( how shall I phrase this bearing in mind pseudo-effete/genteel aspirational middle class sensitivities might be involved ?) fucking jobs,ok? geddit? Across the entirety of the , (the UK is still in there at the minute) 28 satrapies of the European Union,there are officially some 30 millions unemployed. The UK’s apparent phenomenal jobs growth, which alas the more deluded Brexiteers are harping on about as being an indicator of some outworking of special economic thaumaturgy, is utter fantasy. Gross Domestic Product has barely recovered to its 2007 levels. There are now a million workers on zero hours contracts. Inner EU migration is still in full flow.Vast numbers from south of the Danube and east of the Oder are in effect continuing their colonisation of British society. The tyrannical European Union’s great shibboleth of  ” freedom of movement of labour ” needs to be taken down. take that down, you take the entire EU down.


On this day,September 15,1940,when that which was necessary for national survival was accomplished, the grandchildren  of those Heroes alas turned out unworthy of the inheritance and life which those Heroes had helped in securing.


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