And So It Goes…#810

So endeth the great Hohenzollern Imperial Diet in Pressburg ( Bratislava ) of September 16,2016. Berlin’s principal stooge of the provincial satrapy of former Italy was quoted far and wide afterwards:-

” Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stressed that the summit on Friday was a “wasted opportunity” and expressed his disappointment of the officials, especially the French and German “.

Such a wondrous expression of the Greater German Reich’s remarkable cohesion.

To add to the surreal and at oft times anarchic mirth and jollity at the Imperial Diet in Pressburg, representatives/hetmen of a supra-national alliance of backward peasants calling themselves the Visegrad Four attempted to forecast, in the manner of their own shamanic cultural traditions, the official position of the Hohenzollern Reich vis a vis its evolving contretemps with the United kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland in respect of the matter of the latter electorate’s expressed wish and desire not to be an underling and footstool of said teutonic tyranny in the foreseeable future.

The Visegrad Four, being composed of the meagre hotch-potch shovelling together of shards of four preceding  eminent continental Empires, uttered an ill considered  calumny against Her Majesty’s Government on the matter of continued unrestricted outflows of their poor and destitute mendicants into Britain in order to continue to lower the standard of wages for all workers.

The Visegrad Group having a priori taken umbrage at the somewhat timid assertion thus far, by HMG that it might wish to exercise sovereignty over its own borders in preference to and at the expense of, millions of  uncouth turnip chuckers and cap doffers.

Such are the vicissitudes of international politics and diplomacy.

Quite what we’ll all make of it in another six months time,i.e. March 2017, is the proverbial anyone’s guess. But woe betide HMG were they in the upcoming course of inexorable events to prove less than loyal and less than obedient to their true Masters, the wonderful,contrarian British Electorate.


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