And So It Goes..#812

When erudition no longer avails one has to resort to using facts.  On Friday June 24th.2016,Independence Day dawned for the People of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And as the tsunami shock waves of that Historic National Epiphany spread exponentially across the world, the high powered, entrenched forces of ( Metropolitan-domiciled ) Wealth,Elitism and Neoliberlism set in motion their putative counter revolution. Once upon a time such malevolent conspirators would have been dealt with by the now sadly absent Sedition Act of 1661. Nowadays it falls to the People themselves and the true ,honest and authentic representatives of their expressed Will,to deal with such unconstitutional perturbations. We are The Watchmen of our democratic polity now and for the forseeable future. The Sanctity and inviolability of that uniquely sublime and transcendent inheritance must be secured and History has appointed by fiat those who shall fulfill that duty and render invaluable service to generations yet unborn. Here are the facts, as gleaned from some excellent post-referendum numbers crunching from, Chris Hanretty, Reader in Politics, University of East Anglia.

The results of the referendum were not announced according to Westminster constituencies, but by local authority area. 

Chris Hanretty

Reader in Politics, University of East Anglia.
Aug 18

Revise estimates of Leave vote share in Westminster constituencies

Shortly after the referendum I published estimates of the share of the vote won by Leave in parliamentary constituencies in England and Wales. These estimates showed that most parliamentary constituencies in England and Wales had voted to Leave (421 of 574 if you’re counting), and that most Labour-held seats had also voted to Leave.The difference between the two estimates are slight. 32 constituencies were formerly estimated to have voted Leave, but are now estimated to have voted Remain; 11 went the other way. This means a net change of +21 for Remain in England and Wales. Including Scotland, this means that 401 of 632 constituencies (63%) are now judged to have voted for Leave.
Hanretty estimated that 7 out of 10 Labour held parliamentary constituencies voted for Leave.
Some more facts:- Of the present 230 Labour Members of Parliament, only 10 openly declared themselves for the Leave campaign and as such formed the #LabourLeave campaign ; their 220 ” comrades ” organised #LabourIn.
Final fact:- The 2016 Labour Party National Conference ” voted ” not to debate Brexit.

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