And So It Goes…#813

How odd that in 21st.Century Britain the tone of public discourse might yet be influenced by the utterances of a Cleric. At a gathering at the publicly funded Henley Lit.Fest which caters exclusively for a metropolitan-domiciled,elitist clientele, John Sentamu, the Anglican Archbishop of York, added his two pen’orth to the conflated, emotionally skewed and highly polemicised debate on the  Refugees / Migrants problematic which has beset the EU as well as the UK. Sentamu observed that :-

“Those Schengen countries ought to resolve the problem that belongs there because they have entered Europe because of free movement.

“Every nation is shunting them and shunting them and shunting them in the hope that they will end up in the UK.

“I just hope that the Schengen countries can resolve it because it is their free movement of people. Britain did not sign the Schengen agreement.”

Which actually sharpens the focus on the issue which heretofore has been allowed to drift by, in particular the befuddled multi-culti acolytes of the Labour Right and the Labour Left.  The internationally accepted protocols relating to persons seeking refugee status is that they do so in the nearest safest country to wherever it is they are fleeing from. It is entirely rational and practical that they have,traditionally done so in the past and that sovereign governments not party to the origins of the causes of persons becoming refugees, deal with them under the auspices of those accepted protocols. Then we get serial breakers of international conventions and long accepted practices such as the Republic of France, whose political class and leaderships have always behaved and acted without scruples in any and all matters not to the immediate advantage or benefit to France. The soon to be voted from Office, President Hollande had the temerity to visit recently  the makeshift refugee encampments around Calais and inveigh against the British Government for not dealing with the intractable crisis! And so it goes.  The political melange of europhile fifth columnists will continue to undermine any and all endeavours of the Forces for Progress’ attempts to re-establish national sovereignty and with it the proper,rigorous control of UK borders. The self same antidemocratic, seditionist  europhile alliance is already working flat out to derail the EU Referendum result; That too will not end well.


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