And So It Goes…#814

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Mr.Viktor Orban was castigated recently in the columns of The Spectator magazine for expressing ” illiberal ” views on the Migrants/Refugees imbrogolio. The adage ” The pot calling the kettle black “, springs to mind as particularly apposite in this instance of a factional British Tory mouthpiece whose own governments have been singularly complicit in the entire farrago of unrestricted EU-wide migration. It is ever the first contentious argument to hand of the liberal/socialist/multiculturalist acolytes that whenever a result of any plebiscite goes against their own peculiar set of ideological prejudices, the said plebiscite is somehow invalidated by such a contrarian outcome. As for example this twitter posting,gleaned today, made 100 days after the UK’s decision to Leave the EU shows:-

Main ‘leavers’ were:over 70s, Disenfranchised poor, racists, asian community (they don’t have freedom of movement).

There you have it,the entire #LabourIn driven Remain campaign catechism verbatim. The EU referendum result is called into question and constitutionally delegitimised because in the ” main ” the 17.4 million voters who favoured Leave are -disenfranchised poor racists and/or asian. That’s one hack of a load of lazy ignorant stereotyping even for a hack crime novelist responding to a previous ,no doubt similarly bigoted tweet from a member of the Labour Party’s national policy forum.

So poor Premier Orban stands no chance amongst the globalist,open borders,unrestricted competition in the national labour market UK domiciled eurozealots. The finely nuanced point which official and unofficial Left and Right have ,in the main,failed to highlight let alone cogently discern is that the Visegrad Group ( Hungary,Poland Czech Rep and Slovakia ) want to maintain apres-Brexit  the EU’s freedom of movement for workers so that their vast hordes of jobless continue being allowed unrestricted grazing rights in the denuded wastelands of job poor UK . What Orban and his V-4 axis partners decry and protest is the human tsunami that has been coming out of the Middle East these few years past.They do not want them in their countries.;there goes the pot again calling the UK kettle!!


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